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News Updates


Cornoavirus: Unite opposes inferior construction safety advice

...Unite has many concerns about the CITB advice, as it is a very condensed version of the Site Operating Procedures. For example the CLC operating procedures clearly state: “If a site is not consistently implementing the measures set out below, it may be required to shut down.” The CITB tool box talk does not contain such a warning...


St Mungo's must pay £18,000 to victimised former employee

...The staff member had raised concerns regarding equal pay. An employment tribunal concluded last year that the homelessness charity had victimised Leigh Andrews when she was refused work as a locum worker...


Unite LE1111 in call to support domestic violence service

Urgent action for Domestic Violence suvivors needed during #COVID19 energency. Unite housing workers join call. Read more about defending vital charities...


Please Sign Our Petition "MTVHA: Stop the Sacking" 

Andrew Bindi is an employee of MTVHA and is threatened with redundancy on Wednesday 1st April 2020, flying in the face of government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, and at a time when the prospects for securing alternative employment are almost zero. 
Please sign our petition here.


Unite: Social care workers must be provided with full protection

Nationally, Unite which represents thousands of members in social care is warning that the sector is at breaking point and workers do not even have basic personal protective equipment (PPE)...


Govt urges 'at risk' groups to stay at home including workers

The government have announced they will write to ‘at risk groups’ during the crisis saying they should take twelve weeks away from work...


Unite: extend wage assistance to self employed

...Gail Cartmail, added: “Once again we have been provided with a clear example of how the industry does not take the welfare of its workers seriously, with profits rather than people being its bottom line.”


Plea to chancellor - UK workers need income guarantees now to avert economic collapse

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey has urged the government today (Thursday 19 March) to act now to reassure working people that their incomes will be guaranteed if they are laid off from work because of the coronavirus pandemic...


Unite calls off final day of St Mungo’s picket lines in response to Coronavirus crisis

Unite has said that it is calling off the final day of planned picket lines and rallies tomorrow (18 March) in the St Mungo’s strike in response to the latest government Covid-19 advice and is urging members to keep safe and strike from home...


TUC guidance on coronavirus

We had a good discussion on coronavirus at our highly succesful branch agm on Saturday...


St Mungo's worker ‘We just want to be listened to’

Homeless people are among the most vulnerable groups in society – indeed while the average person in the UK can expect to live well past 75, the average rough sleeper in Britain will be lucky to live to celebrate their 45th birthday...


St Mungo’s CEO slammed for weaponising coronavirus

Unite has warned the CEO of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, Howard Sinclair, to ‘stop blaming staff for your leadership mistakes’ as hundreds of workers get set for three days of strike action from Monday (16 March)...


Cornovirus: full pay for Sanctuary self isolating workers

...when Sanctuary viciously attacked the terms and conditions of workers last year including sick pay Unite pointed out that a direct consequence of this would be that some staff would be forced to attend work despite being unwell to avoid losing pay. Workers attending work when they are sick would put infirm elderly residents needlessly at risk of infection...


St Mungo's worker writes: Why I am Striking

...At some point we have to be brave enough to say stop. Enough is enough. We cannot keep cutting and cutting and hoping that despite that our clients will stop dying. At some point we have to take the cogs out of the machine. I hope you will join us in that...


Coronovirus: sick pay from day one call

The threat of a coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to contain it have exposed insecurity in the workplace as many workers face the prospect of being forced to stay home without pay...


St Mungos: one workers experience of it's sickness policy

...The organisations HR department repeatedly unite managers, union reps and staff in horror at their malevolent approach...


St Mungos: ‘No option but to walk out’

Workers at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s are gearing up for three days of strike action from March 16 to 18 inclusive, after last ditch talks, under the auspices of the conciliation service, Acas, failed to resolve a row over job security and a reinstatement of race to the bottom terms and conditions...

New Unite briefing on Social Housing Pension Scheme

Unite's pension advisor, John Neal has prepared a new briefing on the biggest pension scheme in the housing sector...


New money “doesn’t repair the damage done by years of austerity”

The ‘disgraceful’ number of rough sleepers across the country demands a joined-up government response which has been lacking over a decade of Tory rule, Unite said today...


Clarion housing pushing people into poverty when they retire

“This is a slap in the face to the hundreds of workers who have worked hard and paid into the defined benefit schemes on the promise of a secure income for life. With this hike Clarion’s is pricing members out of a decent pension..."


Making a Point at Peabody

Protestors gathered outside Peabody Head Office on Wednesday 19th February to make the point that cuts to the community and neighbourhood services cost lives, and are counter-productive.



EU rough sleepers and the NHS

Most at the frontline have at one time or another received a phone call to say a rough sleeper they knew has died...


Humans forgotten

Unite has criticised a new report on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public services for failing to discuss the real threat to public sector jobs...


Heart unions week: Unite calls for legislation to prevent sexual harassment at work

A strong majority of people believe the #MeToo movement has allowed them to be more open about sexual harassment...


First home discounts: investment in public housing still needed

Government plans to give key workers 30 per cent discounts on their first homes must be balanced with a council housing strategy...


Rough sleepers bin shelter ‘dangerous and offensive'

A supposed shelter made of two wheelie bins designed by a multimillionaire to help rough sleepers is ‘dangerous and grossly offensive’...


Local government pay: 2% offer rejected

The three unions have now called on the local government employers to think again and come up with a better offer so talks can continue as soon as possible.


Protest to Restore Neighbourhood Services - at Peabody and across the sector!

Peabody is cutting its neigbourhood services, losing vital skilled and experienced staff and burdening the remaining staff with unreasonable workloads. Join us for a protest to send a message across the sector: 4.30pm, Wednesday 19th February, Peabody Group Head Office, 45 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7JB.

St Mungos: 83% vote for strike action

Unite members in St Mungo’s have voted to strike unless management comes to its senses. They have voted to defend their terms and conditions and to fight deskilling and undermining services to vulnerable clients...


Unite supports Long-Bailey and Burgon for Labour Leader

After widespread discussion thoughout the union and in our branch Unite agreed to nominate candidates for leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party. Here our branch secretary Suzanne Muna, who is an elected lay member of the executives analyses the process and maps out a way forward....


Unite immigration helpline


Cost of living crisis

"..wages would have been 27% higher by now if the pre-crisis trend had continued.."


Grenfell suppliers request for immunity is a disgrace

“If the companies involved in installing the cladding knew it was flammable and unsafe and then allowed it to be installed anyway they should of course be prosecuted"


Unite support for Enfield ‘no cuts’ councillor Tolga Aramaz

The Regional Committee of Unite has voted to support the stand of Enfield Labour councillor Tolga Aramaz in Enfield who is refusing to vote for cuts budgets. The resolution calls on other councillors to take the same stand as Tolga...


Unite appeals to St Mungo’s board

...dispute over the tearing up of the junior staffing cap agreement, which risks reinstatement of ‘race to the bottom’ terms and conditions, as well as overly harsh sickness and disciplinary policies...


Conflicted Grenfell adviser must withdraw from inquiry demands Unite

Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, which is supporting 65 core participants at the Grenfell Inquiry has written to Benita Mehra, who was appointed as an expert adviser to the inquiry by the prime minister shortly before Christmas, urging her to “recuse” herself from the hearing...


More concern at St Mungos 'eroding' workers organisation

...Both the aim of eroding the independent voice of St Mungo’s staff, and the expense of engaging an expensive consultancy to achieve that aim are clearly inappropriate...

Unite campaigns to challenge the rise of the far-right

In recent years the far right has remerged in Britain and across the Europe... They are using people’s unhappiness at the loss of services and affordable housing to try to divide our communities and set neighbour against neighbour...


Unite marks Holocaust Memorial Day

...Holocaust Memorial Day is an especially important day for trade unions because “trade unionists were among the first to come under attack as the fascists came to power in the 1930s” with “trade union leaders among the first to be sent to concentration camps”...


Working from home: who pays?

Working from home is becomming increasingly common in our sector...


St Mungos: Unite reps say vote yes

...Unite is re-balloting members for strike action, after missing the legal threshold in the last ballot a by single vote...


Bring Sanctuary Care contracts in-house

Unite is urging local authorities who have contracts with Sanctuary Care to bring them ‘back in-house’ after a criminal investigation was launched into one of its care homes.


Survey Says: Associations Fail Workers and Communities!

At the end of 2019, the Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) conducted a survey of tenants and residents, asking respondents to rate the service they received from their landlord. We report the shameful results here.


Bite Sized Bargaining: ‘Hot-desking' is becoming increasingly common for management to introduce ‘hot-desking’ into offices – particularly in tandem with flexible working arrangements...


Unite calls on St Mungos boss to stand down

Unite has called on Howard Sinclair, CEO of homelessness charity St Mungo’s, to step down immediately after a misdirected email revealed that the charity had worked with a top London PR agency on a strategy to stop people joining the union and ‘erode [its] support’, during this summer’s industrial dispute...


Modern day slavery in the construction industry

Unite is calling for fundamental changes in the way that the construction industry is organised and for the introduction of licensing of gangmasters, following a major exposure of how modern day slavery operates in the industry...


New poll: mass social rent house building is vote winner

...Housing was even said to be the second most important local issue after the NHS among the ‘undecided’ and ‘Labour leavers’...


Legal battle over bogus self employment in construction which are being taken by Unite’s Strategic Cases Unit are on behalf of 42 Unite members and are lodged against five different Munnelly companies...


Labour declares “moral mission” to end rough sleeping

Labour pledge: *5,000 more hostel spaces + making every hostel fit for purpose *8,000 homes for rough sleepers under Housing First model *£1bn per year into outreach services...


Replying to Peabody on 'social mission'

Responding to Inside Houisng article; Hope they reverse their cuts to community safety, housing management and domestic violence services + meet pay claim for care & support staff!


Unite demands stronger asbestos legislation

...think tank found that workers and members of the public are being put at risk by inadequate UK legislation. The report found that a child in the UK can be legally exposed to 10 times as much asbestos as they can in European countries such as France or Germany...


Raising the bargaining bar

Delegates at Unite’s sector conferences in Brighton have been meeting this week to discuss the formation of industry-wide responses to issues like insecure work, outsourcing and automation...


The Guardian: Why isnt homelessness election priority? A response

The question posed in the headline to your article "Britain has a horrific homelessness crisis. Why isn't it an election priority?" could have been written by many homelessness workers...


'When Labour wins we all win'

...This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a government that gives working people hope. We must fight for it with all we have...


Time to be honest about housing

For decades terms like 'affordable,' 'social,' 'mixed' have been used as cover for market failures in housing - it's time to move on from those schemes and commit to a real solution: council housing. Branch members Glyn Robbins has this in Tribune.


Meridian Water call for truly affordable council homes

Unite housing workers welcome call by Cllr Aramaz to delay Meridian Water capital spending decision until after election...


Peabody surplus up – but pressing ahead with brutal cuts

Peabody Housing today announced a £14 million rise in it’s surplus in the last six months taking it to £67 million...


Pay claim for Peabody Care and Support

Some of Peabody Housing staff in its Care and Support Directorate have received no pay increase for six years...


Victimised St Mungos Worker Speaks - Branch Meeting - 12th November, 6pm, Unite HQ

St Mungos continues to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It was recently found guilty of victimising a worker for bringing an equal pay claim. The worker will describe how she ultimately won justice, and what the case says about St Mungos executives’ ethical values.


St Mungos apologise for sharing rough sleeper information

St Mungo’s Chief Executive Howard Sinclair has apologised for sharing information about migrant rough sleepers with the Home Office saying, “The executive team takes full responsibility for this and is sorry it happened.” It appears that the board has not taken action to replace any executives and there have been no resignations...

Strike ballot at Peabody Housing

Peabody housing plan £1 million cuts to housing management budgets by March 2020 with potentially devastating consequences to residents and workers. Unite members have voted overwhelmingly to start a formal strike ballot.


Pay victory for Greenwich housing workers

About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council have suspended their strike action...


Unite reps success confronting workplace Brexit challenge

Major new research shows that Unite members are working together to successfully confront the challenges Brexit is presenting in workplaces up and down the country...



Greenwich housing repair workers to strike

Threatened with 20% cut in pay


HousingAssociation bosses pay up 3.61% this year

...not many of their worker or residents will have received anything like this increase...


Equal Pay: St Mungos victimise female worker

...St Mungos had victimised a staff member following her submission of an equal pay questionnaire.  The HR director had told the staff member that she would never work in the organisation again...


Workers at north west housing association vote to strike

Unite housing maintenance workers at,the north west based housing association ‘ForViva’ have voted to strike with a 90.6% majority...


Greenwich council housing repair workers vote to strike

...members had voted by 95 per cent for strike action over a plan to introduce a new pay structure which will cut pay by 20 per cent...


Unite report exposes Universal Credit

The survey of 1,173 Universal Credit claimants found that 70% had skipped meals and 42 per cent had been forced to use a food bank as result of claiming Universal Credit.


Firefighters important new report on Grenfell

The expertise of firefighters “has mostly been substituted with management consultants, industry lobbyists and chief fire officers” operating in a political climate that has “emphasised the need for reducing regulation driven by central government”, the report concludes...


Climate Strike: 20th September 2019

This week, Unite Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner joined many other union leaders when he called on the trade union movement to back school climate change strikes on 20 September. See our advice on taking part safely.


Unite at Notting Hill Genesis off to a Flying Start

We report on the first planning meeting of Notting Hill Genesis activists.


St Mungos: Why I'm voting yes for action

...This strike is about similar issues to the strike in 2014. The success of that strike has protected terms and conditions since then and we need to stand together now so that they remain protected...


Unite launches silica register

Silica dust (respirable crystalline silica) is created when cutting, grinding, drilling or polishing, natural substances such as rocks and sand and is also a major constituent in bricks, tiles, concrete and materials...


St Mungos in industrial action ballot

Management walked out of the last negotiations at the ACAS conciliation service...


St Mungos urged to investigate victimisation claim

Unite is today urging Robert Napier, the chair of the board of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, to carry out an immediate investigation into an allegation of victimisation of a lead Unite representative...


Strike ballot at St Mungos

Unite has expressed disappointment at the collapse of talks at ACAS to resolve the dispute over the changes to terms and conditions at the St Mungo's homeless charity and will now move to ballot its members for industrial action...


Mark Francois MP to Raise Unite @ Sanctuary Issues

Mark Francois MP has agreed to raise the detrimental contract changes being threatened by Sanctuary Care on behalf of our members working in the service.


Peabody Reps Win Safety Victory

Unite reps at Peabody have successfully challenged the practice of refusing paid sickness leave for operatives in a case that clearly demonstrates the empowerment of staff through an organised union.


Unite in further ACAS talks with St Mungos management

...The charity’s refusal to row back on plans to abolish the junior staffing cap agreement, as well as its draconian disciplinary and sickness policies, are a major sticking point for Unite members...


Grave concern about leadership of homelessness agancies

...Earlier this month The Observer revealed that the Home Office has drawn up a new secret programme using homelessness charities to acquire personal information that could result in deportation. This appears to be a plan to revive aspects of the ‘hostile environment’ approach by dodging the law...


Next Steps for Unite @ Centrepoint

Unite @ Centrepoint is consulting members on the next stages in its pay campaign.


Unite @ Sanctuary Deputation to Greenwich Councillors

They were the five incredibles, five women who refuse to accept the claims of their employer that they must accept inferior terms and conditions!


Unite joins new campaign to end sexual harassment at work

...Statistics from the TUC show that more than half of women, and 7 in 10 LGBT people, have been sexually harassed at work. But a majority of victims are reticent to report incidents because there is no safe and effective system in place to meaningfully address harassment...


Cautious welcome to new CITB bricklaying training scheme

"...Due to the lack of onsite experience the trainees can’t obtain an NVQ, which is the only recognised qualification in the industry..."


Sanctuary Care Members Meet Clive Efford MP

Representatives from three Sanctuary Care homes in Greenwich met with Clive Efford MP to outline grave concerns about proposed cuts to their working conditions which they believed would also be detrimental to the vulnerable residents they care for.


Shocking stress and low morale in housing associations

...survey commissioned by Unite of more than 300 housing association workers found that a strong majority, 62 per cent, reported that their pay had not kept up with the cost of living...


BAME disciplinaries at St Mungos

...Despite repeated assurances from senior management that disciplinary measures against BAME staff are decreasing, recent statistics show that the number of disciplinaries against BAME staff have increased from 34% in 2018 to 57% in 2019...


Grenfell Anniversary Event - 14th June

Please join us from 6.15 at the Grenfell Tower and wear something green.

Calling All Unite Sanctuary Members!

Sanctuary Housing Group has continued with its plan to reward long-serving, hard-working frontline staff, who care for vulnerable residents and service users, by threatening to cut their pay, terms and conditions. Our Unite @ Sanctuary members are uncowed, and gearing up for the next set of actions.

Unite statement on BBC Panorama 'care in Crisis'

"This has to end. The UK is the fifth biggest economy on the planet.  We can and should find the money to treat our vulnerable with dignity and fairly reward those who care for them too.”

Preventing violence: Unite calls for statutory duty

Unite has submitted its response to the Home Office's draft plans for a new legal duty to support a multi-agency approach to preventing and tackling serious violence...

St Mungos update

...Unite is in dispute with St Mungo’s over 10 key issues related to senior management’s attempts to get rid of an agreement and reinstate ‘race to the bottom’ terms and conditions...


Transforming the estate I work in

Branch member Glyn Robbins writes in the current issue of Tribune.


Housing association cuts working week

A London housing association is to cut working hours with no loss of pay, bucking the trend in social housing...


Unite @ Centrepoint Pay Survey Now Open!

Unite @ Centrepoint has launched a survey of members to consult on the latest offer from the executive, and find out whether members will agree to strike action.


Inflation hits 3% pay falling behind

"...Professional HR departments will be well aware of reports such as this. Unite reps will be reminding them of the implications and campaigning to ensure that housing association staff know about the employer’s ability to pay and the clear evidence of rising prices..."


Voices need to be heard - youth service cuts

For many years the government and local authorities have neglected the Youth; we’re expected to be docile, to not question their authority or our rights, and allow our futures to be decided for us or have them be destroyed...


70% of LGBT people sexually harassed at work

Shocking evidence in new TUC report


Drastic service cut at Peabody

Despite profits of £175m announced in the 2018 Peabody annual report, staff in its award winning and highly valued Community Safety Team (CST) were left reeling this week, by the announcement that the team’s role will be deleted by July 1st 2019 as part of a £1m savings target.


Blacklisting: 'historic' million pound plus settlement

Unite has settled its current long running blacklisting case against the construction companies who systematically ruined the lives of their workers...


Mental health awareness week

There are many ways in which work can exacerbate poor mental health, and these can include the threat of redundancies, reorganisations, overwhelming workloads, being expected to do more with less, low paid jobs, discrimination or the uncertainty of change which can all make things worse.


Sanctuary Care staff bullied by managers

Staff in care homes managed by Sanctuary Care in Greenwich have been threatened and bullied by managers in a crude response to discontent at the housing association’s proposals to attack pay and conditions.  Unite intially raised its concern at the bullying with senior management some time ago, reminding them of workers legal right to join a union of their choice. Unfortunately, despite assurances harassment has continued; in one case a manager ripped up Unite leaflets circulating in a care home.


Unite wins big equal pay payout

Lessons for housing associations...

Labour homelessness campaign launch

...Owen [Jones] emphasised that it is a disgrace that people sleep on the streets in one of the richest countries that has ever existed.  We were keen to take our fighting anti austerity message to the meeting and distributed a leaflet from the branch...

Unite Meets with Sanctuary Care Managers

Sanctuary Care managers meet with Unite reps and branch officers, but fail to offer a valid rationale for the proposed cuts.

No to real terms pay cuts: Rochdale housing workers ballot for strike

Unite members have rejected a below inflation pay offer of two per cent. However, rather than return to the negotiating table RBH instead imposed the pay offer on the staff

Centrepoint pay cut rejected

Management at the homelessness agency Centrepoint offered their workers a real terms pay cut at a meeting with Unite last week.  This would be the third pay cut in successive years for hard pressed staff...

Lobby Greenwich Council - Wednesday 15th May - Support Sanctuary Care Workers

We will be asking councillors to prevent Sanctuary’s executive from making severe cuts to care workers’ pay and conditions. Our members provide essential care services to vulnerable residents who will be harmed if the cuts are carried out.

Rough sleeping cuts: agencies should work with Unite

Spending on single homeless people has more than halved since 2010 while rough sleeping has risen by 165% since 2010.  No one should be surprised that deaths of homeless people have risen by 24% over the last four years.  These figures illustrate the real impact of austerity policies and local authority cuts...

Sanctuary Members Vow: No Surrender! More Action!

What better way to end the bank holiday week than with a packed and resolute meeting of our Sanctuary Care workers demanding that if the employer doesn't meet their demands, we move to ballot for strike action.

Brexit on our terms

Trade unionists are not bystanders to the industrial impact of Brexit

Unite and SME construction firms agree 2.75% pay rise

The Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council (BATJIC) has agreed a one-year deal involving a 2.75 per cent pay rise to come into effect in June 2019...

Days lost due to stress on the rise

Professional body for HR managers confirms stress on the rise due to poor management and unrealistic workloads

Women's Lives Matter - Branch Discussion - 9th April 2019

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Sachs-Eldridge will speak about why the 'Women's Lives Matter' campaign is relevant to both men and women within our branch. The meeting is at 6pm, Tuesday 9th April, Unite HQ, 128 Theobalds Road WC1X 8TN

Next Sanctuary Care Staff Meeting - 18th April 2019

Thursday 18th April, 5.30pm – 7pm, Old Tiger’s Head Pub, 351 Lee High Road, Blackheath, London SE12 8RU.

Unions demand 5% increase for Peabody workers

...Peabody management say that financial performance is especially strong; their staff say "we cant take more real terms pay cuts."

Spy cop unmasked

The identity of a former spy cop who duped a number of women into sexual relationships and gained unfettered access to the homes of innocent activists has been been unmasked.

Slamming Slumlords and Bullying Bosses

On May Day, after we have marched with the trade union and socialist movement, we will make our way to a picket and hold our Alternative Housing Awards outiside the UK Housing Industry event. Everyone is invited to join us: 6pm, Wednesday 1st May, at the Grosvenor Hotel, 86-90 Park Lane, London W1K 7TN. And bring placards!

Kate Davies questioned by Notting Hill Genesis staff

"Given our values are centred around honesty, how can we trust her given that she hosted her private book launch on the anniversary of the Grenfell disaster on NHG premises?" 

Unite on construction apprenticeships

"...calling skilled workers ‘craftsperson and ‘master craftsperson,’ is only the first step to improving vocational status across the industry and far more needs to be done..."

Cost of Living - Going Up

RPI figure shows inflation at 2.5%...

Mitie industrial relations mess

Unite is warning that outsourcing giant Mitie should be barred from acquiring contracts from Interserve due to its woeful treatment of its workforce and its very poor industrial relations record...

Mears and Mitie housing workers gear up for industrial action

Workers employed by both Mears and Mitie undertaking housing maintenance work for Crawley council are gearing up for industrial action after nearly a decade of pay cuts...

Time off for family and dependants

'Work Voice Pay monthly' from Unite contains regular 'bite size' suggestions for bargaining. Are you taking up work life balance with members where you work? Let us know what you think and read the short guide...

New Training! Winning in the Workplace

Whatever the situation developing a campaign strategy will help you to increase your power at the negotiating table. and raise the union profile. Campaigning might seem scary prospect, but it is a skill that everyone can learn.

The Alternative Housing Awards 2019

The Alternative Housing Awards 2019 will take place on Wednesday 1st May, 6pm, at the Grosvenor Hotel - the home of exclusivity and privilege. It will coincide with the industry housing awards being presented in comfort and style inside.

Women Hardest Hit by Cuts

A new report entitled ‘Triple Whammy’ has been published by the Women's Budget Group, setting out clear findings that show how women are the hardest hit by government cuts made in the name of austerity.

Catalyst: Pay, Union Recognition, Childcare & Equality

Reps are preparing a detailed pay claim which includes an across the board pay increase, a larger pay increase for low paid staff and the call for a company wide equality audit, an improved childcare package and union ‘recognition.’

Unite to force blacklisting boss back in court

Unite is closing in on forcing Cullum McAlpine, one of the key architects behind the industrial scale blacklisting of construction workers, to account for his actions in court. The legal development comes on the 10th anniversary of the uncovering of the blacklisting scandal...

Councils should set 'no cuts' budgets

Enfield council lobby: Our members jobs are threatened by local authority jobs and the cuts have a drastic effect on services including homelessness and housing support services. Unite local authority workers have a long standing call for Labour councils to refuse to pass on these destructive Tory cuts....

Housing support cuts leads to increased rough sleeping

Rough sleeping is on the rise because of austerity and specifically because of cuts in housing services.  Jack Jeffrey, a branch member working with rough sleepers, looks at the figures below. Unfortunately, St Mungos continue to operate like a commercial contractor driving down costs and seeking to undermine staff terms and conditions.  We appeal to them to join with Unite in opposing cuts to services for rough sleepers...

Unite’s new period dignity fight is making great inroads

“We wanted to campaign against period poverty but we wanted to go beyond this and make it a workplace campaign too”

L&Q deny staff their bonus


Unite opposes inferior construction safety advice
Unite opposes inferior construction safety advice
St Mungo's must pay £18,000 to victimised former employee
St Mungo's must pay £18,000 to victimised former employee
MTVHA: Members Fear Culture of Racism
MTVHA: Members Fear Culture of Racism