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Workers must not be swindled out of their pay and pensions


Sharon Graham: Workers must not pay for rising living costs with lower wages in 2022


As another report warns of punishing jumps in living costs for 2022, the leader of Unite the union warns that workers must not be swindled out of their pay and pensions.


Responding to the Resolution Foundation’s report out today, Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary, says that Unite will pursue wage deals that are in line with the real cost of living, rejecting the preferred measure of employers and government which always results in lower wages.


Wages must at least match tax and price rises


Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “With another gloomy forecast predicting a hefty hit to incomes in 2022, workers must earn wages that at least match tax and price rises.


Sharon Graham


“Unite will have no truck with the Bank of England’s call for wage restraint, especially when CEOs continue to bag eye-watering salary and benefit packages. Workers must not be the ones who pay the price of this pandemic.


“Our cost of living index will ensure that Unite will pursue and win wage deals that reflect the true cost of living, meeting rising prices head on. We have warned employers that we reject the undercutting CPI (Consumer Price Index) measure preferred by business and the government because it swindles workers out of pay and pensions.


“Decent wages are also core to our economic recovery. Workers spend locally, in high streets - if they cannot do this the country suffers so we have to get money out of the boardroom and into wage packets.


Determined to keep delivering


“Unite has been winning pay rises well above the real cost of living and we’re determined to keep delivering more in 2022.” 


Unite is dedicated to advancing the jobs, pay and conditions of its members and will fight back against any efforts to diminish workers' living standards.



RPI inflation currently stands at 7.1%. See here for Unite’s response.


Wednesday 29th December 2021


Unite calls on St Mungo's CEO to withdraw false statements

St Mungo’s: intransigent leadership failing to learn lessons of deportation scandal

"members are proud of the services they deliver which are often models for the sector. However, they have been repeatedly undermined by a senior management team which is not fit for purpose and a board that appears not to understand its essential responsibilities" Read full report here.


St Mungo's "independent review" fails to address culture of fear at the charity says Unite


Unite, Britain's leading union, says St Mungo's staff still complain of a culture of fear and bullying which the homeless charity must honestly address and resolve.


Following a long running strike at St Mungo's in its property services department earlier this year, due to allegations of management bullying, the Charity agreed to an independent review to attempt to resolve the root causes of the industrial action.


Staff continue to complain of a culture of fear


However, staff continue to complain of a culture of fear and one member of staff, who is a union representative remains suspended and faces dismissal after he raised a grievance against a manager.  At the time of the suspension 44 per cent of Unite representatives within St Mungo’s were involved in formal processes about their own employment. Unite believes the review has failed to sufficiently address these outstanding issues. 


Does not address fundamental issue


In response to the independent review, Unite regional officer, Steve O'Donnell said: "The review does not address the fundamental issue that there is a culture within St Mungo’s where managers silence employees with threats of sanctions against them, this is unacceptable. 


Valuable service


"Unite has always been willing to work constructively with St Mungo’s to ensure the valuable service they provide to homeless people is carried out safely. However, it is vital that staff feel able to call out poor practices and to question senior managers without fear of retribution. Until the root causes are addressed the Charity will not be able to draw a line underneath this troubled period."


Unite continues to call on St Mungo's to:

  • agree to a full investigation into the levels of bullying within the organisation.
  • put an end to threats of disciplinary action against staff for raising legitimate concerns,
  • and to review the charity's governance procedures so that the recognised unions can engage effectively with management and the trustees.


Detailed response from Unite here.


NEW St Mungos CEO Steve Douglas complains about publicity disciplining worker for calling out bullying has caused and blames Unite. Union reply here.


Summary of recent events and timeline here.


5th November 2021




Workers politics: supporting anti cuts candidates
Workers politics: supporting anti cuts candidates
Workers at Regina Coeli hostel suspended
Workers at Regina Coeli hostel suspended
Care workers suffering long Covid forced to use food bank
Care workers suffering long Covid forced to use food bank