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'Work your proper hours day' Friday 24th February the day when the average person who does unpaid overtime finishes the unpaid days they do every year, and starts earning for themselves...

Housing Associations book record surpluses - again

English Housing Associations have produced a record surplus of £3.4 billion over the last year according to the latest ‘Global Accounts’ for the sector produced by the Homes and Communities Agency...

Clarion plan to deny sick pay for first three days of illness

Newly created housing association giant, ‘Clarion’ is planning an attack on staff terms and conditions meaning that staff will not receive occupational sick pay for the first three days of illness, regardless of length of service as Inside Housing report today


Housing Association workers and residents form network

Housing association residents gathered with housing workers...


New Sress guide from TUC and HSE

A new guide to tackling workplace stress using the health and safety executive management standards has been produced by the TUC and the Health and Safety executive...


Clarion staff vote for union recognition

In a management organised vote staff at Clarion have supported union recognition.  Around half the staff participated and a clear majority of 61.4% voted for recognition.  This follows an earlier vote of Unite members who voted 98% in favour of industrial action in support of union rights....

High heel probe

Report: discriminatory dress codes widespread...

Useful as a chocolate fireguard

Government strategy fails construction skills gap.  After six years of fiddling and relying on the so called invisible hand of the market...


Unite committed to union rights for Clarion staff

Staff concern as management disrupt lines of communication.  98% vote for industrial action to defend union rights. Disapointment that first move of new Clarion housing group is threat to union representation...

Money's too tight to mention

Succesful pay training day - It's probably no surprise to fellow members of the sector that whilst the housing sector grows richer, social house building is curtailed, our members wages are decreasing way below inflation....


Meet Len McCluskey!

Len will be speaking at our next branch meeting...


End poverty pay at British Airways

Cabin crew working for British Airways ‘Mixed Fleet’ taking strike action over ‘poverty’ pay levels which are leading to crew sleeping in their cars between shifts...


Cancer 'all clear' for night work based on 'bad science'

Night shifts are bad for your health, and many of our members who work night shifts have been particularly concerned at the mounting evidence that night work is linked to breast cancer risk.  In October an Oxford University study found that the classification of night work as a cause of breast cancer ‘is no longer justified.  This sounded like good news, but three of the most respected researchers on night work and breast cancer have now said they “fully disagree” with this conclusion...


Stop STPs Don't Slash Trash & Privatise our NHS

The NHS faces another wave of drastic cuts, privatisation and reorganisation. This is going to have a massive impact on patients and staff alike. We must fight to STOP them.  Our branch has agreed to support the national demonstration in support of the NHS on Saturday 4th March in London, and now Unite nationally is backing the march - put it in your diary!

Union Members Protest at Clarion Launch
Guests at newly merged Clarion's launch party were greeted by members of Unite and the other unions who were protesting about the organisation's decision to derecognise unions in the new organisation.

Network Launched for Housing Association Workers and Residents
Workers, residents and service users from across a range of housing associations will meet together and plan to fight together for better pay, terms and conditions, and services in social housing. Open to all, the meeting will take place on 30th January 2017 at Unite HQ. 

Further strike days at Wishaw houisng association
Unite members at the housing association started a further four days of strikes... The housing association wants to slash four days’ holiday a year from the staff and to increase their working week by 30 minutes – the equivalent of four additional working days a year...

Mega merger housing association threatens union derecognition
A last minute appeal by the unions to the Circle Chief Executive Mark Rogers was ignored and Clarion has announced that the union busting will go ahead...

Sign to support Sanctuary supported living workers
Supported Living (SSL) Workers at Sanctuary staff have received letters from their employer threatening a possible dismissal and re-engagement if they do not agree to huge pay cuts, even though the project makes an annual surplus.

Sanctuary: We'll dismiss and re-engage staff
Sanctuary Supported Living (SSL) staff have received letters from their employer threatening a possible dismissal and re-engagement if they do not agree to huge pay cuts, even though the project makes an annual surplus...

Defend domestic violence refuges
Theresa May’s £20 million funding announcement for domestic violence refuges is a sticking plaster over a haemorrhage...

Strikes at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
We agreed to send solidarity and a donation to strikers at our branch meeting on Tuesday night....

Fighting an attack on annual leave at St Mungos
Workers in St Mungos have been faced with a reduction in annual leave, and Unite is supporting their fight back.  They are angry that, once again, senior management make the life of their hard pressed front line staff more difficult...

Wishaw Housing Association workers in second four day strike
Unite the union is calling on Wishaw and District Housing Association in Scotland to stop attacking the conditions of hard-working members...

Unite says: No salary slashing at Sanctuary
As part of an operational restructure, Sanctuary is threatening to cut the salaries of its Supported Living staff, in some cases by up to one third (c£8,000 pa).

Housing association downgraded because of fire safety
The social housing regulator has downgraded another housing association following failures to do with its fire risk assessments...

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We organise across the housing sector, mainly in housing associations, private housing organisations, and umbrella bodies. We are an active and diverse community with around 3,000 members. We have supported members in many workplaces to improve pay, terms and conditions, and to fight against the race to the bottom in social care and housing. We take a campaigning approach to our activities, and have run a number of successful and high profile campaigns to fight injustice in the workplace. 

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Work Your Proper Hours Day, Friday 24th Feb 2017
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Housing Associations book record surpluses - again!
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Clarion plan to deny sick pay for first three days of illness
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